Building Your Own Creativity Library

Listen, we can't give away all our creative secrets, but in our opinion the six classics listed here (in no particular order) are at the heart of every functional creative thinking library:

How to Think Like DaVinci, by Michael J. Gelb (©1998, Dell Publishing) - How can anyone possibly resist a book subtitled, "Seven Steps to Genius Every Day"? Through self-assessments, Q&As, and even recipes, Gelb's bestseller and its accom-panying workbook prove once and for all that genius is indeed made, not born.

The Big Book of Team-Building Games, by John Newstrom & Edward Scannell (©1998, McGraw-Hill) - Need to build a high-performance creative team? Use the exercises and activities in this book to build trust, foster collaboration, and stimulate problem solving in any industry.

ThinkerToys: A Handbook of Business Creativity, by Michael Michalko ( ©1991, Ten Speed Press) - Terrific mix of linear and intuitive techniques for generating ideas to solve even your most vexing business challenges.

Inspiration Sandwich: Stories to Inspire Our Creative Freedom, by Sark (©1992, Celestial Arts) - Don't be fooled by its simplistic feel. This charming, children's book-like collection of 43 ways to awaken your creative self wields real power.

Creative Whack Pack, by Roger von Oech (©1992, Creative Think/Warner Books) - Funky, fun book/card deck combo with hands-on creative strategies for turning your ideas into action. Color-coded cards let you play the role of explorer, artist, judge or warrior in uncovering, generating, evaluating and defending  your ideas.

Why Didn't I Think of That?, by Charles W. McCoy (©2002, Prentice Hall Press) - Well, here's an unexpected angle...creative thinking advice from a former superior court judge. McCoy offers insights from the cases over which he’s presided to finally debunk the myth that left-brain thinking is limited to artsy types. Terrific "mental aerobics" challenge you to use your imagination in inventive ways.


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